Using LED Signs to Localise the Brand


While fitting their international offices, larger customers mention that they want to stay true to the roots and the culture of each location, but they also want to have some element that ties everything together - and that's when they come to us.

We'll generally work with their marketing teams to closely design products that freshly "connect" their brand across every location.

International companies with multiple offices/branches/shops across the globe may lean on different materials to localise the experience for their employees/customers. Some design their interiors using elements of bamboo and palm trees, some use carefully crafted wooden carpentry or brick, or coloured walls, others even incorporate metals to convey an active, urban vibe, and many more!!

No matter how many locations our customers open up, they want their employees and customers to feel right at home as one brand every time, and this is where the right sound-byte, the right shape, the right logo, the right font, the right colour, the right motto represented as an LED neon sign can help translate the company's brand identity across diverse cultural settings.

The following is an example of our client Badiani, Italy's iconic gelato, as they have continued opening gelato shops across London and Europe, they're empowering customers to "BE INSPIRED", whether they come to chat with a friend or to work a little, Badiani reflects and elevates their customer with that simple touch of inspiration, all across their locations.

BE INSPIRED - Badiani LED Neon sign

BE INSPIRED - Badiani LED Neon sign



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