Sustainable LED neon signs for Offices and Office Managers


Many of our customers mentioned it hadn't occurred to them that one of the ways in which they could make a very tangible transition to a more sustainable workplace was by switching over their glass neon lighting to LED signs. They tell us it's a very inexpensive way to have a highly practical and very visible (literally very visible!) example of how they are changing and contributing to a more sustainable world.


Office managers are increasingly coming to us in the early stages of fitting their new office spaces when they consider the use of LED neon signs. They are considering incorporating LED signs not only for aesthetic purposes, but also because sustainability has become a primary concern for employees - especially millennials looking to harmonise their personal values with their professional lives - and they come to us to learn more about our signs, our materials, product lifetime, the energy savings that come from using LED neon (rather than glass neon), and generally to discuss how well we might integrate within their plans.

Having a heightened awareness of environmental issues, employees are eager to contribute to more sustainable practices in the workplace, and the addition of LED signs is a visible and straightforward way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

We're told this has been particularly beneficial in the recruitment process, where candidates come to the office, notice the signs and comment on them as an ice breaker to start their interview. It is in this very important time that the recruitment team and hiring managers are also able to open up about the company's culture and how sustainability fits in within the mission of each firm.

Our clients tell us how simple stories like this, go a long way in finding the right staff and getting staff excited to work in their new office from day 1.


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