These are the types of things our team will ask you as we try to get an idea about the custom LED neon sign you have in mind:


We offer several popular colours, some people have a sign made all in one colour, while others ask for specific parts of the sign in specific colours. Please be clear about your preference, the price won't change based on these.


There are 4 main types of backing shapes ("Cut to Shape" is by far the most popular):

  • Whole Board (square/rectangle) - the shape of a square or a rectangle as backing around your design
  • Cut to Shape - the acrylic backing follows the general contour of your design
  • Circular/Round - whatever your design, the backing will be a perfect circle to go around it
  • Cut to Letter - this is the most minimalistic of designs, we minimise the backing so that your LED strip design is for the most part the only thing visible.


  • Most customers drill their signs to a wall, and yes we provide you the accessories to do so.
  • Other customers - local shops and local businesses - sometimes want to display their signs from their window.. for this type of set up they normally hang the sign on the inside of the shop, facing out.
  • Other customers might need a slightly more portable sign to use more flexibly, for example at a market or at an exhibition or an event, so they might request a freestanding sign.
  • And a small number of customers might have a window or a mirror or a very smooth metallic-like wall surface in mind, when attaching the sign to these types of smooth, clean surfaces, only then would we recommend installing it by attaching with adhesive strips (link).
  • For more installation details, check out our full Installation Guide


Is your sign meant for an Indoor or for an Outdoor setting?


What size do you have in mind? Be it the Width or Height, or both, if you can let us know your constraints, that's also something we can use to start on your quote and mockups.


If you're considering an LED neon sign based on Text (ie, a word, a phrase, a punchline, etc), these are some fonts that have been quite popular with our customers. You can refer to these when in touch with our team, or share with us any fonts or text designs if you already have any in mind.

Popular Fonts for LED Neon signs
If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ page or Contact Us through the website, or email us at: or via Whatsapp at +44 (0)7459840917

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