It was right in the middle of Covid-lockdown when we started supplying personalised LED neon signs to startups, workspaces and local businesses as they tentatively planned for their much awaited re-opening, be it the re-opening of their operations, or companies welcoming employees back to the office.

We had the unique opportunity to meet many entrepreneurs, local business owners and even corporates who were ready to push forward, and like them we too banked on the resiliency of our community – Neon4Business has been the story of working in partnership with businesses - large and small - to bring out joy, brand personality and “company culture” through LIGHT - just at a time when it had all gone dark.


Some of our customers come to us for Sustainability purposes, maybe they’re transitioning away from glass neon products and starting to incorporate our beautiful, durable and eco-friendly LED neon signs; others get in touch when looking for ways in which to transform their office into one that’s more contemporary, cutting edge, and vibrant - by mocking up designs in a variety of colours and settings we're able to fine tune that touch of personality and character that makes each company unique; and other customers come back to us when opening additional offices or branches, they mention they want to stay true to the roots & culture of each location, but they also want to have some element that ties everything together, and we'll work closely to design products that freshly "connect" their brand across every location.


Our focus has always been on quality Customer Service. We want our customers to remember their customer experience just as much as they love their LED signs. You’ll always have direct access to us via phone, whatsapp, email, slack, etc; we don’t deal in “chatbot” support or “help-yourself” responses, no matter where you are we want you to feel like you’re chatting with a colleague that’s just down the road from you, rather than a support ticket. That’s our promise!


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You + Us

neon 4 businesses like yours..

"Your vibrant signs have been instrumental in enhancing our customer experience at our pop-up destinations, helping us maintain our commitment to excellence."


-David Byrne, Head of Events & Social Media

"Neon4Business has been an excellent partner in the visual branding of our Blank Street Coffee shops, adding key elements to our stores that make them stand out!"


-Paola Han, Global Design Director

"Neon4Business produced stunning neons for our flagship branch. This, and their deeply personalised service, makes it a total no-brainer working with them."


-Abdul Virji, CEO

"Facing a crunch time for our food festival signage, Neon4Business came through with flying colours, ensuring that we shined exactly when we needed it."


-Hannah Walton, Sr. Project Manager

"As we've grown, N4B has been our go-to for all our signage; we're truly impressed with their meticulous craftsmanship and their tailored approach."


-Alessio Giorgetti, Head of Expansion

"I'm thrilled with the exceptional customer service and the superior quality of the personalised neons we've sourced from Neon4Business for our new office space."


-Natasha Rusch, Content Mktg. Lead

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